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Schedule Prediction
Between now and March 31st, submit your prediction of the 2019 New York Jets schedule. Correctly predict the exact order of all 16 games & the bye week and you win!
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Screen Name: Weston Rittenhouse - (Westonr6)
Score: 30
Picks Last Modified: 3/19/2019 1:44:02 PM 3/19/2019 1:44:02 PM 3/19/2019 1:44:02 PM
Your Picks
Predicted OrderPredictionPoints Scored
Week 1Dolphins0
Week 2@ Jaguars0
Week 3Browns0
Week 4@ Redskins0
Week 5@ Bengals0
Week 6Cowboys10
Week 7Bills0
Week 8Patriots0
Week 9@ Dolphins10
Week 10@ Eagles0
Week 11Bye Week0
Week 12Steelers0
Week 13Raiders0
Week 14@ Bills0
Week 15@ Ravens10
Week 16Giants0
Week 17@ Patriots0
Actual Results
Week 1Bills
Week 2Browns
Week 3@ Patriots
Week 4Bye Week
Week 5@ Eagles
Week 6Cowboys
Week 7Patriots
Week 8@ Jaguars
Week 9@ Dolphins
Week 10Giants
Week 11@ Redskins
Week 12Raiders
Week 13@ Bengals
Week 14Dolphins
Week 15@ Ravens
Week 16Steelers
Week 17@ Bills
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